Do French Drain Require Maintenance?

A properly installed and well maintained French drain serves a significant purpose in your property. Though the French drain has a relatively low failure, it doesn’t mean that it is maintenance-free. From time to time, drains are clogged by leaves, dirt, and debris. Fortunately, it does not require regular maintenance for it to function. About once a year is enough to ensure that they serve their purpose of directing water away from regulated areas efficiently. 

What To Do When French Drain is Clogged?

When you find your yard, basement or wherever you are sure you have a drain installed, gets flooded or has a drain issue, you sure have a clogged drain. DIY clearing out drain is possible. but, when you want to avoid the hassle of cleaning or the maintenance of your french drain, it is highly recommended to hire a drain service specialist which has the right experience and tools for the job.

Most clogged can be cleared away using a pressure washer. But more rigorous clogs require a drain snake. If you have access to both of these, try this simple step:

  • Step 1. Start from the highest point where your french drain is usually located.
  • Step 2. Uncover the lid or if it is connected to the gutter downspout, remove it from the entry point.
  • Step 3. Feed the cable into the drain and turn the snake drain on. Be sure to put on some tough leather gloves when operating to protect your hands as you feed the cable when operating.
  • Step 4. Continue feeding the cable until it gets to the otherside. When resistance due to tree roots, clogs and other obstruction is encountered, allow the snake to turn and gently push forward once it overcomes the obstruction. 
  • Step 5. When you encounter a large clog that cannot be cleared, reverse on the motor and gently pull the cable along with clog build up. Once the cable is out, switch off the device and clean the debris from the cutter. Repeat until it is clear.
  • Step 6. Once done, retract the snake into the device.
  • Step 7. Flush out the remaining debris and other obstruction from the drain using a pressure washer or a garden hose in power jet mode.

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