Curtain Drain

curtain drain

The French drain system has a simple design and concept, but there are still many ways that it can be installed differently. The curtain drain is one example of this variation. In this version of the French drain, a perforated pipe is also used to facilitate water flow. This pipe, however, is laid down into a shallow trench but still surrounded entirely by the gravel.

Types of Perforation

There are two ways that the pipe can be perforated: using holes or slots. If holes on one side of the pipe were used as openings for the entry of water, make sure they are pointed downwards when laying down the pipe. This makes sure that water starts flowing into the pipe before it reaches the level of the pipe’s upper, non-perforated side. If slots were cut out instead of holes, it is usually done on all sides of the pipe. In this case, there is no need to orient the pipe in any way as it is symmetrically perforated.

Both types of perforations work effectively. However, slotted perforations are better suited if landscaping fabric is not used as it is better designed to keep out debris and dirt compared to a circular hole.

Curtain Drain Application

Surface runoff is a key component of the water cycle. It usually occurs when stormwater, meltwater, or excess water from any other source arrives more quickly than it can be absorbed by the ground. It is a common cause of pollution when it starts carrying man-made contaminants from non-point sources such as fertilizers from lawns, pesticides, petroleum, and other chemicals. It can also cause flooding which can weaken the foundation of buildings and seep into its basements, causing more damage.

Built on a shallow trench, the curtain drain is an effective solution to deal with surface runoff. When installed properly, it can intercept water runoff before it reaches the foundation of your home. It is much like a gutter system on the ground, protecting your home from excess water.  

French Drain Contractor Near Me

If your home is vulnerable to flooding and you often find excess water in your basement, a curtain drain may be exactly what you need. If your looking for land drainage contractors near me, give us a call, and our team of professionals will take a look at the drainage system on your property and recommend the best way to integrate the curtain drain.