Filter Drain

pathway and french drain

The filter drain is another variation of the French drain system. It is built on the same simple design and concept-a perforated pipe embedded in gravel is used to facilitate water flow. The pipe, however, is laid down into a deeper trench compared to a curtain drain.

The filter drain can accept runoff water to some extent, similar to a curtain drain. However, its configuration is better suited for a lateral inflow of subsurface water from adjoining saturated surfaces. It is ideal for removing excess ground water.

Risks of excess ground water

The hydrostatic pressure from a saturated ground is enough to push some of the water out into basements through some holes or cracks.

This is the common cause of flooding in basements, which can straightaway cause damage to property. If the water damage was handled poorly, further damage can be incurred in the form of mold infestations, which would cause additional expenses to clean up or replace the infested parts. In addition, it brings a host of possible health risks to its inhabitants from acute or prolonged mold exposure.

Prolonged and extensive exposure to ground water can also undermine the foundations of a house. Once they are weakened, the structure’s vertical stability is compromised, after which it begins to fail in supporting its own weight. In time, the house becomes structurally flawed and unsafe for habitation.   

Landscape Drainage Contractors Near Me

If the water table near your home is close to the surface or rises close to it, the foundations of your house are vulnerable to water damage. Call yard drainage company near me and protect your home and your family with a simple solution. Give us a call and, in no time, our team of certified professionals will have an efficient but affordable filter drain drawing excess water away from your home and into a safer place.